1942 Marmon Herrington - Ford

Klauer SnoGo Blower 'Puff'

currently for sale - £3250

call Gordon on 07973-301567 or gordon@dodge.org.uk

December 2005 update

Since putting Puff up for sale, I've managed to get hold of the missing blower drive coupling and the operating lever, both now fitted, plus a pair of original lower braces and mounting brackets for the blower head (which still need to be cleaned up and fitted) plus a blower part list, engine manual, and some spare hydraulic rams and hoses.

Puff is now an even better deal at the price - he's in storage till someone finds the money to give him a good home.


A 1942 Ford with a Marmon-Herrington 4 x 4 conversion and a Klauer SnoGo blower on the front. This is a heavy (6 ton) and complex piece of material. Most of it is in excellent condition, but the front truck Ford V8 was cracked when I got him so I had to change the engine and fit a spare from a generator set that came with him - sounds fine now but the charging system needs looked at and the ignition switch is a bit erratic.

This is one of two known complete survivors of a batch of about 80 bought by Uncle Sam and lend-leased to the RAF, some magazine articles show one as delivered still with a USA number on it. About three more still exist as chassis cabs in various stages of repair. The basic truck is now running well, but footbrake requires attention. The snowblower gear, from drive engine to snow augurs, is complete and turning freely but the International six on the back hasn't been run for some time, also requires some of the hydraulic hoses and rams reworked.

In 2003 I made up temporary lower braces and brackets for the blower head, did a bit of cleaning, and started it up to confirm that the Ford V8 was past doing anything with. Apart from a couple of leaky hoses and one blown core plug, the big news is that the side of the block between the 3rd and 4th cylinders on the left bank is cracked big time and forced out almost 1/4".

December 2003 photos here, historical shots lower down;



The photographs below show the truck;

as bought,

being delivered,

with the blower head on the truck (for the first time in thirty years),

left and right views of the IH stationary engine,

factory shot of the '41 version of the same thing (grille trim and headlights different)

Known problems when it arrived included a cracked V8 up front, three hydraulic cylinders needing attention for rusty rams, including one expensive looking shuttle ram, missing bottom braces and brackets for the blower unit, and a half-coupling missing from the blower drive shaft. Apart from that, as they say, it's in very nice order, and from the look of it it's done next to nothing, probably only worked the one severe winter ('48 - '49) since it got to the UK.

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